Residence Permit Application

As Miorec, we provide consultancy service for your residence permit applications with our experienced team. We conduct the follow-up of the legal processes on matters such as extending the stay duration in Turkey and obtaining a residence permit, and anticipate the problems you may encounter in this process.

It is a statutory obligation for the foreigners to extend their stay duration in Turkey or to get residence permit from the Immigration Authority for family residence permit. Referring to the announcement published by the the Directorate General of Migration Management under the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Turkey on 02.12.2019, the residence permit and extension applications have been restricted. 

“Pursuant to sub-paragraph 31-1 (e) of the Law No. 6458 (those who will stay for tourism purposes), in case the foreigners who have received residence permit for one year or more totally or at all once or short period as per the sub-paragraph e, have no stay reason for a new residence permit by submitting valid ground apart from the tourism, the application request of tourist residence permit and time extension will not be deemed suitable as of 01.01.2020.”

The foreigners can make online application to the Directorate General of Migration Management within the visa and visa exemption duration. The foreigner is ought to apply in person to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management to which their address is registered on the day and time of the appointment.

Time Extension of Residence Permit: The application process of time extension starts 2 (two) months before the expiration of residence permit. It will be enough to send the file by mail to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management following the online application. In case of submitting documents other than the documents presented in the previous residence permit application (such as change of passport and address), the application must be made personally.


1. The foreigner will be granted an application certificate enabling him/her to stay abroad for a maximum of 15 days until the application is approved. While leaving the country, please keep application certificate and receipt of the fee available.

2. Reasons for residence permit cancellation:

● In case the residence permit is detected to be used beyond its intended purpose,

● In case the foreigner stays abroad for more than 120 (one hundred twenty) days totally in the last year,

● In case there is a deportation or exclusion order is issued against the foreigner, the resident permit is canceled. No extension will be granted for expired permits.