Work Permit Application

The residence permits and their duration are granted by evaluating the foreigner’s purpose of coming to Turkey, their nationality, registered information on the Turkey database and bilateral agreements. The duration of residence permits are implemented depending on the the laws applied to the entry and exit to Turkey and the bilateral agreements drawn up by the country of the foreigner, and the duration may be shorter or longer periods of time. As Miorec, we generate tailored solutions for you via our expert team in all legal processes.

The foreigners are required to obtain a “work permit” to be employed in Turkey. The permit application is made to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security with a “reference number” received from Turkish Representatives abroad. 

The foreigners holding at least 6 month residence permit that is valid in Turkey (except for the residence permit for study purposes) can apply directly to the Ministry of Labor. In this case, foreigners don’t have to apply for a “employment visa”.

The application is made by an employer in Turkey who meets the following criteria:

● Presence of 5 (five) Turkish employees for each foreign employee working,

● The aid-in capital of the employing institution should be at least TL100.000,

● Its annual turnover is at least TL800.000 or

● Its annual export is at least USD250.000.

The conditions such as whether the wage to be paid to the foreign personnel is appropriate for their job are examined by the Ministry.

Miorec goes through the documents of both the employer and the foreigner before the application, evaluates them and inform on the suitability of the application. The positive or negative possibilities which may emerge after the evaluation are discussed and the application is made.

The first application is made for 1 year. In the upcoming years, 2 and 3 years of extension can be performed in case the work is sustained with the same employer. The permit is granted as 1 year in case of working for another employer or transfer applications. 

How To Apply?

The foreigner applies for a “employment visa” through the file sent to himself/herself by Miorec on the day and time of the visa appointment received on his/her behalf. The “employment visa” application is made to the Ministry with the reference number to be given by the Consulate.  All process is carried out by Miorec.

The Insurence and Address Registration of the Foreigner

After the work permit application (in the case of overseas applications, following the entry of the foreigner to Turkey), it is a legal obligation to perform the commencement of the insurance immediately and to carry out the address registration to the relevant Civil Registry within 20 days.